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Bibliography: Classical Architecture for the American Luxury Home

Creating the American Luxury Home Available now on CD- rom. (click below left) This is a history of the luxury home with sections on working with an architect and builder, style, modern and traditional approaches, etc.  Also, companion volume: Dream Home Design Questionnaire and Planning Kit (click right below, available as PDF file via email)

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The following titles are selected from sources consulted in writing 'Creating the American Luxury Home' (see Design Questionnaire at left) and from other books collected over several years of research, all of which will instruct and enlighten anyone interested in the rhetoric of architecture, and particularly the history and evolution of the luxury home from shelter to palace to estate. ( books not listed in order of preference) Colcapital.BMP (21184 bytes)

Virtue and Magnificence, Alison Cole, 1995 Harry N. Abrams

Italian Villas and Their Gardens, Edith Wharton, 1904 Da Capo Press, Inc.

Houses and Society in Pompeii and Herculaneum, Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, 1994 Princeton University Press

The American Country House, Clive Aslet, 1990

Matters of Proportion, Richard Marlitt, 1989 Oregon Historical Society Press

The Natural House, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1954 Horizon Press

American House Now, Susan Doubilet Daralice Boles, 1997 Universe Publishing

The Villa, James S. Ackerman, 1990 Princeton University Press

Survival through Design, Richard Neutra, 1954Oxford University Press

Heavenly Mansions, John Summerson, 1963 W.W.Norton & Company

Historic Architecture in Alabama, Robert Gamble, 1990 University of Alabama Press

The Old Way of Seeing, Jonathan Hale, 1994 Houghton Mifflin Company       

The Book of Houses, John P. Dean and Simon Breines, 1946 Crown Publishers 

Guide to Buying or Building a Home, William G. Connolly, 1978 Times Books

American House Styles, John Milnes Baker, , 1994 W.W. Norton & Co.

The Most Beautiful House in the World, Witold Rybczynski, 1989 Penguin Books

Architecture, Ambition, and Americans, Wayne Andrews, 1978 The Free Press

With Benefit of Architect, Edward X Tuttle, Jr., 1968 The Macmillan Company

Briefing Your Architect, Frank Salisbury, 1998 Butterworth-Heinemann

The Good House: Contrast as a Design Tool, Jacobson, Silverstein and Winslow, Taunton Press

The Genius of Frank Lloyd Wright: Oak Park, Robin Langley Sommer, 1997 Barnes and Noble Inc.

The American Family Home, Clifford Edward Clark, Jr., 1986 The University of North Carolina Press

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The Book of Houses, John P. Dean and Simon Breines, 1946 Crown Publishers

Experiencing Architecture, Steen Eiler Rasmussen, 1959 ___________________

Baroque, Diana Scarisbrick, 1973 Orbis Publishing London

The Louis Styles, Nieta Apr�, 1970 Orbis Publishing London

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The Architecture of Michaelangelo , James S. Ackerman, 1995 Penguin Books

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Grand Homes Of The Mid Atlantic, Bill Harris, _______________________

Great Houses, Constance M. Greiff, 1973 The Pyne Press

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The Comfortable House, Alan Gowans, 1986 MIT Press

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Renaissance Architecture: Critics, Patrons, Luxury, David Thomson, 1993 Manchester University Press

Flight of Fancy: The Banishment and Return of Ornament, Brent C. Brolin, 1985 Academy Editions

Chateau des Reves: click image above for exclusive video of interior space

Reference/ Historical Source Books

massey copy.JPG (299203 bytes)

Image Above:  Massey Residence, 6,800 SF two story Georgian Revival constructed with 6" Insulwall panels on first floor and 2x6 framing on second.  Two story Foyer, Living, Library, Family.  Master  Suite, 3 children's bedrooms on second floor with access to Library.  Second floor Media Room with secondary stair into Family. Guest Suite on first floor.  4 car garage. See more photos here.


Classical Architecture, Robert Adam, 1990 Abrams

The Classical Orders of Architecture, Robert Chitham, 1985 Rizzoli

American Classicist, Elizabeth Meredith Dowling, 1989 Rizzoli

American Country Houses of the Gilded Age, Arnold Lewis, 1982 

Elements of Form & Design in Classic Architecture, Arthur Stratton, 1987 Studio Editions

Classical Architecture in Renaissance Europe 1419-1585, John Fitzhugh Millar, 1987 Thirteen Colonies Press

Palladio, Wundram Pape Marton, Taschen

Villas of the Veneto, Peter Lauritzen, 1988 Abrams

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Neoclassical and 19th Century Architecture, Robin Middleton/ David Watkin, 1987 Electa/ Rizzoli

The English Country House A Grand Tour, Gervase Jackson and James Pipkin, 1985 New York Graphic Society

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Palm Beach Houses, Shirley Johnston, 1991Rizzoli

Italian Splendor, Jack Basehart, 1990 Rizzoli International Publications

The Splendor of France, Laure Murat, 1991 Rizzoli International Publications

Moorish Architecture, Marianne Barrucand and Achim Bednorz, 1992 Taschen


American Home Styles Reference

Field Guide to American Architecture, Carole Rifkind, 1980 Plume/ Penguin

What Style is it?, Poppeliers Chambers Schwartz, 1983 John Wiley & Sons

A Field Guide to American Houses, Virginia & Lee McAlester, 1996 Knopf

House Styles in America, Massey and Maxwell, 1996 Penguin)

Related Reading

Modern American Houses, Elisa Urbanelli, 1996 McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

Elisa Urbanelli, 1996 McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

The Language of Post-Modern Architecture, Charles Jencks, 1977 Rizzoli

Home from Nowhere, James Howard Kunstler, 1996 Simon & Schuster

Modernity and the Classical Tradition, Alan Colquhoun, 1989 Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Modern Architecture, Vincent Scully Jr., 1986 George Braziller

Your Engineered House, Rex Roberts, 1964 M. Evans and Company, Inc.

The Dream House Think Book, S. Blackwell Duncan, 1977 Tab Books

Fine Homebuilding, Taunton Press, Inc.

The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand

Period Style, Mary Gilliatt, 1990 Little, Brown and Company

Interior Design with Feng Shui, Sarah Rossbach, 1991 Arkana Books

Cost to purchase most existing plan designs is $4.90/ SF typ. for Permit Set drawings, $3.30/SF for Schematic Design only (see each description for plan contents/availability)

NOTE: We do not have plan books nor send copies of our floor plans unless we are under contract.  Please contact us to receive typical contract form, or set an appointment to view most of our work at our Orlando office.

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Ultra Luxury Custom Home Bibliography, Manors, Villas and Estates by design