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Cost to purchase most existing plan designs is $4.90/ SF typ. for Permit Set drawings, $3.30/SF for Schematic Design only (see each description for plan contents/availability)

NOTE: We do not have plan books nor send copies of our floor plans unless we are under contract.  Please contact us to receive typical contract form, or set an appointment to view most of our work at our Orlando office.



We are pleased that you are interested in having John Henry Architect provide design services for your new residence.  There are a variety of services that we can offer you.

A.  We can provide a custom design 'from scratch' based on your specific style, budget, space layout, and site considerations.  (see also Ultra Custom Services) We normally use our Permit Set with Options contract format.

See Exhibit B this page.

B.  You may start from an existing set of drawings that we have pre-designed, either Schematics only or in Permit Set stage (basic 'Builder Set').  Start here to see a collection of designs, or select from nearly any project on our web site.   We can further modify up to a certain point or must redraw most or the entire set.


C.  We can take preliminary designs or concept plans from other sources and correct, amend, elaborate, per your specifications  providing they do not violate copyright laws.  We can create a new plan and also offer interior architecture services for any home, pre-owned or new.  A custom contract will be forwarded based on your specifications.

In any case, we offer further options to add construction and design details (exterior and interior) and material/performance specifications, contract administration, etc. that are explained in our Contracts.

Please note that we do not offer plan books nor send copies of any of our floor plans unless we are under contract, due to copyright issues.  We prefer to custom design a home for you from scratch, but realize that either time or budget issues may make working from an existing design expedient.

PROCEDURE TO START FROM EXISTING OR STOCK PLANS:  We will send out a Contract proposal to anyone interested in obtaining one or more study copies of our plans that would best suit overall style and layout interests.


1. Receipt of Client Brief outlining style, size and general layout required, site conditions, codes that would affect the project, and vision of what would be ideal.

2. Submittal of Design Contract outlining scope of Services, options to create only Schematics, or go through to Permit Set, Interiors, Specifications.

3. Phase 1: Floor plan layouts to scale, placed on property Site Plan, front Facade when plans are near perfect.  Feedback from Facade and further refinement.  Cross check with Interior Designer, Contractor or Realtor optional.

4. Phase 2 Option: Design Development of plan and front facade, addition of remaining three facades.  Final changes and tweaks made to plans and elevations.

5. Phase 3 Option: Development of Construction Drawings: finalized Floor Plans, Roof Plan, Site Plan, Cross Section, Wall Section, Electrical Schematics.

6. Phase 4 Option: Architectural Interiors Basic: floor and ceiling designs, molding, paneling, cabinets, arches, coffers, columns, trim.

7. Phase 5 Option: Architectural Interiors Advanced: specifications and further details, lighting and plumbing selection, color schemes, decorative tile selections, cabinet door hardware, window treatments.  Shop Drawing review.

8. Phase 6 Furnishings Option: Selection and procurement of all movable furniture and accessories.

9. Phase 7 Construction Observation Option: 5 - 10 job visits to assess progress of Work by Contractor, make adjustments as necessary, suggest any refinements.

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We will send you a customized quote or proposal per your specifications.

Creating the American Luxury Home Available now on CD- rom. (click below left) This is a history of the luxury home with sections on working with an architect and builder, style, modern and traditional approaches, etc.  Also, companion volume: Dream Home Design Questionnaire and Planning Kit (click right below, available as PDF file via email)

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Copyright, Limitations and Definitions:

NOTE: Applies to all Services/ Products on this website and page

This offer constitutes designated services as indicated in above descriptions and schedule. Schematic floor plans and Preliminary elevations are for planning purposes alone although they may be sufficient to be used as models for a construction document set. They do not constitute buildable plans. Further development is necessary, which may include architectural and landscape design; civil, structural, mechanical, plumbing and electrical engineering, etc. Code compliance is also necessary in order to ultimately secure a building permit.

The style of home available is limited to period style work or historic designs established prior to Modern Movement architecture. No avant garde, Deconstruction, or eccentric design of any kind is offered, although special arrangements can be made to fulfill these requests.

Calculations for total area or square footage (SF) includes all air conditioned space and garages, storage, covered porches, outbuildings, covered passages, etc. constituting area 'under roof’ [measured to outside face of structural wall, not including brick or stone veneers].

Client Questionnaire and other materials forwarded to Architect at initial submittal for development of Schematic Floor plan and Preliminary Elevation constitute scope of work, especially total area to be designed and certain relationships between spaces and site (if applicable).  This information is basis of contract for services.  If scope (i.e. style, size, lot, space relationships, etc. as described in Questionnaire) changes during the design process  then a change in contract terms necessarily follows.  Client will be appraised of costs of changes not covered in Fee Schedule due to change in scope.

Client agrees to use design for one-time build-out only. Builders and developers may inquire for repeat use and customization. Architect reserves all rights for designs and plans submitted under contract including copyright. Client must include name of architect in any media description of finished construction based on work completed per this agreement. Architect assumes no liability whatsoever as to the ultimate use of designs provided to client unless retained to complete construction documentation and specifications.


Designs per contract descriptions will be forwarded in a timely matter and architect will apply his skill, talent, and experience in a conscientious manner to provide Client with SCHEMATIC and PRELIMINARY designs that meet or exceed standards of the industry. No guarantees or warranties are implied or stated. Refunds will not be granted under any circumstances.

The Client is welcome to request further background materials from architect, including brochures and testimonials on which to base a decision to proceed with this agreement. John Henry is a licensed architect in the State of Florida (no. 13013),Texas (no. 10945), Delaware and Illinois. Mr. Henry can offer professional services constituting schematic floor plans and preliminary elevations in any of the United States except where services or any offers herein are void where prohibited or disallowed by city, local, state or federal statutes.

NOTE:  John Henry Architect has the right to refuse any commission submitted for any reason deemed applicable.  We will notify you immediately upon receipt of your request for Design Services if your program requirements as indicated on Questionnaire are sufficient to commence work.

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Questions and Contact:


Mug_shot.gif (8693 bytes)John Henry Architect,       Phone: (407) 421-6647


fax: (305) 425-5855


Scott William, CAD Tech


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Cost to purchase most existing plan designs is $4.90/ SF typ. for Permit Set drawings, $3.30/SF for Schematic Design only (see each description for plan contents/availability)

NOTE: We do not have plan books nor send copies of our floor plans unless we are under contract.  Please contact us to receive typical contract form, or set an appointment to view most of our work at our Orlando office.

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Ultra Luxury Custom Homes, Villas and Estates by design

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