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"A True Masterpiece" Southeast Homebuilder, 1993

Splendid...Marvelous...Enchanting Magnificent...Gorgeous...WOW!"

Judge’s Comments, 1991 Orlando HBA Parade of Homes Grand Award Winner

The design is very nice. I knew it would be good, but it is really nicer than what I had envisioned. Thanks.
I. Cotton, California, 11/21/05

Period Style.jpg (54024 bytes)"After being in the house you designed for us for about a year and a half now, I wanted to write and tell you again how delighted we are with the finished product. Certainly a design with the main living area above the guest rooms is a bit non-traditional, but it works exceptionally well for us. It’s taken a while to get all the ‘stuff’ in place, but now that the spaces are comfortably full, it has taken on a warm, personal feel.   Great job John…if we can ever serve as a reference for you, we’d be delighted to do so. Best Regards,"

Blaine and Rebecca Sweatt, Orlando Florida 1998

Multiple Aurora Award Winner

"John, the drawings are fantastic as usual."

Mario Garcia, Austin Texas 1996

"The house is still progressing slowly, but each step is getting us closer to a true work of art. I continually receive compliments on the exterior elevations and I only take credit for hiring you.  It really is stunning."

Cynthia C. Patz, Windermere 1997

Garcia long shot red.JPG (317902 bytes)

We were very impressed with this initial design.  It captured everything we asked for in a relatively compact efficient design, albeit still 5000 SF!  The biggest thing we are trying to decide is if we want the living and dining together in one room on the water.  It absolutely achieves Teresa's goal of for an elegant "blow guests away" entrance.   R. McNeight, Melbourne, 11/20/05

"The simplest design is often the most elegant"

George Stout, Orlando 1999

"Extremely sophisticated detailing"

Orlando Magazine, 1990 Orlando, Florida

"We are all anxious to see how this project will turn out — it should be magnificent. Thanks for doing a great job on the design. I hope you’re as excited to see the finished product as we are."

Gary Silverman, Orlando Fl. 1997

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Sybil Sikes, North Carolina. 1996

"We would feel infinitely comfortable in recommending John to others in the community. He is truly a professional whose work consistently demonstrates his outstanding skill and capability."

Sandeep Mukerjee, M.D. Orlando, Florida 1997

Your marvelous architectural genius opens the viewer’s soul for deep aesthetical ecstasy.

Jonas Gintautas, MD, PhD, MBA, New York 10/03/05

Fr Beaux b&w.JPG (375039 bytes)

"Obviously we are extremely happy with how our plans are progressing, but perhaps more importantly, you are making it a fun experience...not an easy task."

Craig and Angie Pierson, Austin Tx. 1998

"These luxury residential designs are truly magnificent."

John and Nancy Williams, Olympia WA 1999

"Thank you for making it so wonderful for us."

"Wow, the designs are like art, I am very impressed."

"Thanks, your response time is outstanding"

"truly the most beautiful homes I have ever seen"

"What beautiful mansions!"

"You answer my questions so quickly that I feel special, Like I am your only client.Thank you."


In French, we say: dix sur dix!, meaning, PERFECT! We have no words to describe how pleased we are with it so far!  Awesome!!! We like the simplicity in the lines, yet the elegance of this design.  The house is a compilation of all the elements we like.  Congratulations! You did a wonderful job with the elevation! 

The schematics arrived this afternoon. We also received the latest color option, which I like a lot. Thank you again for all your hard work this far. We are really impressed with your work ethics as well as your talent!                                               

Yveline and Ferry, Bradenton 7/12/2004

I saw your web page, you included many interesting projects. As I could see, one of the strongest architectural firms in united states.

Daniel Almada Ibarra. M. Architect, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora. Mexico, 6/18/2004

"I can speak from first hand experience, it is a wonderful home"

"thanks, the house is gorgeous no question about it"

"I am most impressed by your
extraordinary talent in your attention to detail "

"We love your work and you have done a beautiful job making our dream home reality, on paper"

We like your drawing a lot. In fact, your drawing is near perfect!  We are very pleased with the layout of the rooms, the flow, the privacy, the little details that are already coming out, such as curved railings, niche, etc.  We love the placement of the master bath and the way it opens out into the upper deck.  We love the way both the master suite and sitting areas have a view and cross ventilation. We love what you did with the staircase throughout the three floors. We love the judicious use of space you made for the guest bathrooms.  We love the idea of the two side garages rather than the front garages.  If no changes were to be made, we could live in that house very happily.                                                                            

Kelvin and JoAnn, San Jose/ Sacramento 7/15/2004

"I tip my hat to you for pursuing period quality & authenticity"

"I am amazed with your work"

"God you're quick"

"Beautiful, graceful work!"

"it's so refreshing to meet
somebody who obviously is so passionate about their work!"

"your work is incredible"

"immensely impressed by his architectural style and beauty of designs"

"We have very strong feelings for the design you have come up with for us.
Guess it is called pride."

"Got your floor plans, and we are thrilled. Things look really great. THANK YOU! "

"Your work is certainly inspiring"

What can I say.  I am the kind of person who is almost never impressed by anyone.  And I am very impressed with what you have done.  My trust in you has exceeded my expectations.  This has happened so rarely in my life, and I am excited!

"Your home designs are breath-taking"

I stumbled onto your site while I was doing research on French chateaux, and was taken by the immense beauty of your work.

"it is absolutely magnificent "

"I’ve been impressed by your work in
classical design"

WOW! Shot my socks clear across the room - beautiful work, John, just stunning!      ps.  I'll build it.

"Got the first set of plans on the Chateau. Very nicely done!!!!!! The
sides came out great. I have a builder for these plans."

You are a miracle worker! We were so happily surprised to get the plans tonight! You were making reference to the noise in your car, but you have no idea the circus in here!

We are SO impressed with how everything looks. We are just thrilled. It is GORGEOUS! Will you shoot us if we opt for changing back to the pretty pillars inside the entry arch? We are worried that you are ready to tar and feather us.... I swear, we are over elevation "input" and will back out at this point. Everything is amazing.

As for floorplans, it looks awesome. We have a couple questions as to your notations, but everything looks great to us. We are definitely wanting to use that back right space for something in the future. Whether or not we  finish it out or not, we don't know, but we love that it is at least an option that we can grow into.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sacrificing more personal time to give us a truly FANTASTIC front elevation. We are thrilled to pieces.

L. Lawton, Baldwin Park  2005

Chateau des Reves: click image above for exclusive video of interior space

"I don't care if I sound like an
idiot but you are a genius.  It baffles me how anyone could create
masterpieces like that."

"Your designs are fabulous"

"your work and commissions are spectacular"

I think it is absolutely fabulous!!!!    OOOOHH LA LA Very nice.. It was worth the wait...

"Beautiful homes John... really proud to say I know John Henry"

"I really love the "bones" of this house"

Thanks a lot for stopping by today. Both my wife and I like your very easy-going personality and feel that we should be able to easily work with you on the design of our house.

"There should be some type of honorific for Architects.  Did one exist, I would certainly use it when referring to you."

"the homes offered are exceptional.  I admire the detailing effort
and pure thought in all the projects you have created"

Wow! what a design!  Your talent, vision and abilities are extraordinary.   

Jay Robinette, North Carolina 4/22/2004

John,  I'm impressed!

Lee Epp, Apopka 1/12/2004

          Absolute perfection! Thank you so much. It is beautiful!!         Chryssa Kerr, Austin 2/13/2004

You are EXTREMELY talented.  God has truly blessed you. I believe I read somewhere in the literature you sent us, that you gave their project the "wow" effect.  I concur...WOW.  The pastor from the church "Greater Grace" stood and stared at your work for literally 20 minutes or more.  In my opinion, you go far, far beyond the ordinary "form follows function" and introduced art ... which like music, inspires the soul.                                                                

Wiley Karriem Mustaqeem-Graydon, IV     President / Managing Director    ALM Director

John Henry with proud owners at 7,800 SF  house  under construction in Angel Bay, Austin Texas

I know you must have heard lots of praise for your designs in the past and my simple opinion is probably not a big thing.  But, your designs are exactly what I have been trying to find.  It is a rare architect that truly appreciates the beauty of European influenced designed stone.  Most of my past dealings have been with firms simply willing to put a crown up and some stucco bands and move on….  One home looks like a thousand others.  Your designs are stimulating and simply elegant.

"my compliments and admiration for the harmony of architectural style and detail you have created"

"Groovy, groovy, you insomniac!"

"your designs are out of this world"


"Thank you for responding so quickly.  I was amazed."

Just received all the elevation plans, site plan, and the floor plans via FedEx. Everything looks superb.
Please proceed with the permit set / construction drawings.
We are very pleased with your excellent architectural expertise.

      N.Hasan Chicago, 2005

"I have not seen an architect working today that offers the gorgeous design and detail that you are."

"Amazing design work"


"The house was fabulous! beautiful! stupendous!  I was very impressed!"

"What talent...and hard work"

I want to tell you that you are a masterful architect and I really enjoy the style of the house you designed us. Once we get it built there will be nothing like it anywhere.
D. Bassetti, Sebring 2005

We just got approval from the "Coastal Commission" and need to put the plans through Building and Safety.   John is a very talented and capable architect.  We are very pleased with his plans.  As you go through the permit process, undoubtedly you will need some changes to your plans.  Any revisions needed are responded to immediately by John and his team.  I've found John to be a good "listener" and incorporated all our wants and wishes for our home.  We still plan to use him for the interior design as well.  Our structural engineer has also commented that the plans were done well.     With all the restrictions and limitations we have to build here in Malibu California, John Henry not only gave us a great design but one that had no problems getting approved by all our regulatory agencies. I would recommend John Henry with no reservations.   Please email me if you have additional questions. Sincerely, Ron Verham, 2005

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Ultra Luxury Custom Homes, Villas and Estates by design