The Best Luxury Homes and Plans, for beautifully created luxury homes in French, Italian/Mediterranean, Tudor, Tuscan and other traditional and Contemporary styles, you will be pleased by the top quality villa, mansion, castle, and even palace style effects built in character and proportion. Highly rated Architect John Henry’s spectacular period designs are drawn by hand and are the result of constant reference to historic precedent. Orlando based, but working in Naples, Tampa, Palm Beach, and Miami, please contact us to start your Dream Home!

Our architectural portfolio of high-end custom house floor plans is intended for exclusive tastes. Quality blueprints for beautiful luxury custom designs have been designed or built in Florida, North Carolina, Delaware, Ohio, California, Alabama, Mississippi, Utah and Texas. We also have projects in China, India, and Russia. Our large estate dream homes are notable with exciting spatial characteristics and exacting detail in Interior architectural planning. See the fabled Payne Stewart mansion here.

Mansion Castles Villas Chateau Luxury Home Plans Architect dreamhomedesignusa

Do you have a Dream Home in your mind that you wish to guard, nurture, and bring to life? John Henry, one of the country's top luxury residential architects, has the education, experience, and love of architecture to translate your vision into a masterpiece. Your design is one-of-a-kind and can be based on any style of house you envision. Your ideas, budget, and site are melded into the perfect Dream Home. There are a small handful of architects nationwide that are happy to oblige a period design – or are capable of handling one. John has undergone his own research to make sure that the principal characteristics of an Italian Villa, French Chateau, or English Tudor Castle are evident and cohesive.

Whether a starter mansion or luxury home, we can create the traditional design elements that are characteristic of that style. Or transition between tradition and contemporary design. Your contact with John is not diluted by secondary staff members. John personally discusses your project in full detail and then you will be amazed by the rapid response. Your home is designed by one hand, from schematic plans to façade. All elevations are drawn by hand including interiors should you wish to have the exterior and interior match in style. For a World Class residential estate contact John now at or call 407 4216647 and " Expect The Spectacular"!

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Beautiful Mediterranean Tuscan Luxury Homes

We offer European Traditional style house plans for new home design and construction. Luxury house floor plans are developed per your specifications or you may start with an existing design blueprint.  Our services include major remodeling and alternate designs to existing plan layouts.  Please see the following beautiful homes styles: Classical Beaux Arts to Modern Movement Contemporary plans.  We have California to Florida contemporary home styles, U.S. Colonial and Euro-villa estates.

Contact John Henry now to discuss your next Dream Home!  Request Schematic design only or through Permit Set Construction Documents, and optional Interior Design. We hope your will appreciate and be inspired by this amazing collection of European period style and Contemporary American house plans in authentic detailing.  Proceed here for Castle and Mansion ideas, after seeing the designs on this page.  See these samples for smaller First Estates.

Beautiful Mediterranean Tuscan Luxury Homes

Luxury Home Plans Beautiful Classical Traditional Chateau Castles Mansions Villas

Mediterranean French style Luxury Villa blueprint

Beautiful Luxury Homes Plans for Castles Mansions Chateau Manor Estates


Beautiful Luxury Dream Home Traditional Plans, Castles, Villas and Mansions in Contemporary and European French Chateau and Italian Mediterranean Style Houses by Florida Architect John Henry

Offering design services for: Remodeling, Schematic to Permit Set Design and Construction Documents with Interiors option for Period Style Houses and Manors

Monahan Manor, Gainesville Florida

Remodeling and Home Designgorgeous tuscan kitchen design


Beautiful European and American classical period luxury homes and plans created by premier residential Architect John Henry has been a passion now for over 25 years.  Inspired by old world archaeology and medieval to Renaissance architecture -- and having lived in Europe and the Middle East-- John Henry is widely known for the romantic and period details that make his work breathe a certain soul and drama. Striving for world class results, the luxury portfolio herein represents samples of luxury real estate plans in historical European and American traditional styles. Attention to detail and continuity mean that the architectural interiors should also be integrated properly.


NEW: French Provincial Cottage 3,200 - 5,800 SF concept

Beautiful Stately Houses and Manors in Traditional and Contemporary Styles

Ideas for your new Dream Home begin here!
Mansions Castles Villas Chateaux Palaces

NEW: Beach House, Waterfront Bahama Florida Style at 4-6,000 SF


Venetian Grandeur

Beautiful Venetian Fantasy, Clearwater Florida.  FOR SALE: Ask for video and more info    Photos:

“John Henry is the reason our dream home became a reality. He is a master of detail and an expert in period architecture. Mr. Henry was always available when we needed him and he worked on our project from start to finish. He is truly a one of a kind, passionate and talented architect.”

Andalusian style above, NEW Luxury Home for a young family in Jacksonville, Florida at 5,000 - 6,000 SF

French Chateau Luxury Home

Houston Texas Woodlands, Luxury French Chateau Manor House, 9-12,000 SF w Porte Cochere

Commence working with renowned Award Winning Architect John Henry to create a new luxury home custom estate design in most traditional house Period Styles or in any contemporary Avant Garde/ Modern style you have in mind.  Award Winning  work includes luxury home real estate plans and classical designs in beautiful period style Contemporary/ Modern or European French, Italian, Tuscan Spanish Mediterranean Revival, and other exotic styles. Our specialty is the larger mansion or Castle, Estate Home, Chateau, Manor, Villa.  For New Urbanism style compact Villas and starter castles, see our work here, and we have two pages of historic Houses with Character for inspiration.   Start from zero or begin with an existing floor plan blueprint. Send us your ideas now!  Together we can create a custom design for the Dream Home you have envisioned! See what our Clients have been saying about our services and one of a kind projects: from concept to blueprint to enjoying the Dream.  Please go here to see how to begin working with us. Also see our current Fee Schedule to estimate plan purchases and design fees.

Andalusian Mediterranean Revival House Design for a Houston physician: Texas, Woodlands 15,000 SF

Orlando Luxury Home Design in French Style, 13,800 SF  We can enlarge, modify plan to suit, reduce size and facade. See more


Ultra Contemporary Home from 3,500 to 5,500 SF


Palatial design above, based on St. Petersburg Royal Palace. Suitable as private Luxury Manor or Hotel

New: Italian/ Mediterranean Revival Villa

New Italian Villa with Mediterranean Revival style details exclusively for: Tom and Kimberly Kazbour in Tampa Florida

French style luxury Interior Design, see Foyer and other Interiors here.  Grand Rotonda below in classical Renaissance style:

Classical detailing for a Rotonda in French Renaissance style

Celebrating: Great Gatsby Mansion Style American Gilded Age Architecture

Custom stone fireplace detailing. Complete Architectural Interior Design


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Classical Princess Palace at 85,000 SF plus dependencies designed for a Middle East Royal

now.....Would you entertain a bit of cosmetic surgery?

The house above is being transformed from a nondescript traditional Mediterranean design to a French Manor! Keeping the footprint intact except straightening out the 80s angled back porch, the changes include an interior redesign as follows: a new two story formal Living Room with a sweeping elliptical Grand Stair in Foyer, new Kitchen with more light, new Master Suite layout and bath/closets, larger secondary bedrooms, and a spa/ outdoor enclosed Grill. We are adding the details and roofline changes to make this house grand and more livable - as well as increasing its resale value! A very nice facelift and lipo work.

Interior Architecture

Classical Interior Details: Groin vault ceiling, hand carved balusters, period moldings

Plan for your Dream Home Now!

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Beautiful European Style Estates, Villas, Custom Homes, Castles and Mansions by Design

John Henry Architect offers Custom Design Services for luxury home design plans in any state or country accepting or certification and U.S. credentials.  We are currently in the process or have created Luxury home plan designs and other Classical Traditional and Contemporary luxury homes for clients in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe as well as in the United States.  Celebrating our Gilded Age inspired Great Gatsby mansions and castles for inspiration!  See the Castles and Mansions here.

NEW: Schematic STUDY FLOOR PLANS available at $2,500 under 6,000 SF and $5,000 up to 12,000 SF, credited to any Plan Purchase!  inquire here.

Modern Contemporary Designs, click here

Middle East Islamic style Villa  incorporating historic details from Turkey, Syria, and Persia

NEW: Historical Reproductions of Classical Manors, Castles, Palaces Inquire here.

above: New design based on Historic Manor Home below

Replica French Chateau for Atlanta Georgia

Our specialty is the larger luxurious mansion or Castle, Estate Home, Chateau, Manor, Villa.  For New Urbanism style compact Villas and starter castles, see our work here, or begin with an existing floor plan blueprint. Send us your ideas now!  Together we can create a custom design for the Dream Home, Castle or Mansion you have envisioned!

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Architect Designed Traditional and Contemporary Luxury Houses: Plans for Mansions Castles Villas and Palaces

Palladian Villa above at 11,500 SF to 25,000 SF.  See more information here and reduced size designs.

14,000 SF Mediterranean Revival Style Villa

English Tudor Country House, 30 -48,000 SF for Chicago Illinois


Scottsdale Arizona Southwest Style Luxury Home

Tudor style Country Manor for Connecticut

Dallas Texas Mediterranean Spanish Revival Luxury Hacienda


Fantasy Castle design based on your vision and historic details.

Luxury French Country Castle: Chateau des Reves, above at 14- 25,000 SF

To discuss any aspects of your project with Architect-- Phone: 407.421.6647 or email:

Starter Mansions

5,400 SF Luxury Villa for TND New Urbanism subdivision, rear alley garages, courtyard pool

St. Louis style French Manor House wtih towers, turrets, stone and stucco detailing

Luxury French Chateau


Mere Belle

“Beauty will derive from a graceful shape and the relationship of the whole to
the parts, and of the parts among themselves and to the whole, because
buildings must appear to be like complete and well-defined bodies, of which
one member matches another and all the members are necessary for what is
required.”  Andrea Palladio

Alpine New Jersey Luxury French Limestone Provincial Design at 12,000 SF on three levels

Beautiful Period European Style Interiors for Luxury Homes, large and small: Italianate, French, Tudor, Baroque, English.  We can start from your concept and requirements from scratch or customize an existing design.  See process here Contact us here with your project specifications

Classical wood detailed two story Library with secret Work room, spiral stair and upper walkway

Excellent source for French inspired Castles, Manors, Chateaux

Luxury French Manor design at 15,000 SF for Houston Texas

Florida and California style Mediterranean Contemporary Home Designs, send us your wish list!

Florida Style

Malibu California Contemporary Design at 13,000 SF, underwater bar view, rotating Family Room


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New Luxury Homes and Plans for European and Traditional House estate designs: Mansions and Castles, Architect for Luxury Homes and Blueprints for French, Italian, Mediterranean Florida and California Style houses