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Great Gatsby inspired Fireplace in Stone, above

Foyer Sketch studies for Kazbour Residence

French Style Grand Salon Media Theater Design


Elliptical Dining room in French Chateau classical interior design (above left).  English Tudor Jacobean fireplace, center above, French paneled Library below.

All images above from new Ravelais design: paneled Kitchen, vaulted Bar/Wine cella, Breakfast area, Foyer, Library

click image above for exclusive video of interior space

French style fireplace, above

See more interiors of this Venetian Palazzo (above and below) here


New details from home under construction in NE Texas. Beautiful classical moldings and ceiling treatments.  More here.



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copper cover DHomeQ

Renaissance Architectural Detailing, above for Malibu California Mediterranean Revival home

Automobile aficionado Gallery home, above

New Photos of Villa Serena, fabled residence of late Payne Stewart with principle interiors.

French Country Kitchen, above

Design drawing for architectural details at Foyer for a Beaux Arts revival project, below.  Architectural interior design should match the exterior theme.



Mere Belle Foyer, period style Mediterranean Palazzo

  Bamboo Fireplace 640.tif (283794 bytes) 

Concept sketch  above for avant garde interior

Classical motif in columns, arches, moldings and trim, vaulted ceilings with brackets (above)

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English Tudor or Victorian concept Interior Design (above) 

Sample floor geometry and material layout (above)

See sample Furniture and Accessories here


See sample Furniture and Accessories here

Mediterranean Revival Venetian inspired cross section and detailing (below)

We can provide period style interior detailing for some or all rooms in your new home design.

See sample Furniture and Accessories here

Viscaya interiors above

"I learned at the Beaux-Arts that a room has six facades, and you can't ignore any of them"  -- Juan Pablo Molyneux


Palazzo Mediterranean

Pfire600.jpg (123800 bytes) Dyer Library.JPG (300736 bytes)

Interior Architecture cannot be separated from the 'exterior' architecture.  The same level of attention and detail, probably even more, goes towards the designing of interior spaces.   Beginning from the architectural layout/ floor plan, interior space is conceived initially in the planning process and is absolutely integral to  the overall concept.   Exterior form may be viewed as a 'clothing' over interior space; it responds to the Owner's specific living requirements. Exterior 'style' may be primary however, especially in some Period designs, setting the overall theme of the home which (optimally) should be carried out by the same hand inside.  The architect is the premier designer of your home.  He or she must be able to conceive and communicate interior spaces--with the same regard for attention to detail and import as the exterior -- for analysis and approval through drawings such as elevations and perspectives or computer models, and possibly small scale mockups depending on the complexity of the design.  One cannot separate the interior design from the exterior except perhaps in large scale commercial projects such as high-rise buildings.  The home is too personal and intimate to be separated amongst several designers.


See sample Furniture and Accessories here


Villa Verona interiors above, casual Mediterranean Interior Design with classical accents

Preliminary renderings of interior focal points with color added are prerequisite to the conceptualization of the final finishes. (below)

Mere Foyer col sketch.JPG (631131 bytes) 

The room divider between the living and dining area for this contemporary home (see Portfolio for exterior photo) carries the gothic arch theme developed on the exterior elevations.  A china cabinet is located at the base.   (below)

mathers living640.tif (468578 bytes)

Modern Contemporary Interior Design

stewliv.bmp (758528 bytes)

Villa Serena, the former Payne and Tracy Stewart Estate (above)

Alaqua Kitchen 640.tif (514186 bytes)

Interior elevations, in period style Italian Renaissance (above and below)

Princ_Foyer.JPG (17297 bytes)

Classical exotic design for Palace Foyer

Wine cellar, below left, with wrought iron gate, wood wine rack, and faux crypt in Viscaya, successful detail employed also in Villa Verona.  Veneer brick courses with spilling grout add to the old world effect.  Ironwork is actually faux aluminum.

wine cellar 640.tif (560348 bytes)

Patz great hall.JPG (521396 bytes)

Compare the design of the fireplace in the Interior Design Drawing above to the finished piece in the photo (middle top-left).  Notice the flow of architectural detail from Foyer to Grand Parlor in the cross section of the same house (above).  The ceiling treatments include a sky-lit 'mansard' at the Foyer and a barrel coffer in the Parlor.  Each wall of the primary rooms was drawn to scale with materials and dimensional notes.  In this way the architectural integrity of the interior design theme is maintained.  Below, interior of Plan 06.  'Mardie', with monumental pedestals and domed Foyer ceiling. 

AlaquaSEBCentrycolumns.JPG (160805 bytes)

pennie ent room640.tif (281912 bytes)

A perspective sketch was used to convey the quality of space in this basement level entertainment room incorporating fantasy elements in a contemporary space. (above)

cuple fireplace 640.tif (518650 bytes)

A Frank Lloyd Wright inspired fireplace and wall treatment (above) includes a stained wood grid panel over gypsum board and granite fireplace w/rounded corners on a 'textile ' hearth.  Exterior elevation on Ultra-Custom Services page based on FLW Praire Style period.

Mere Spa.JPG (542578 bytes)

The Owner and Architect collaborated here to produce the whimsical water theme at a jacuzzi.  Lit from above by glass on a terrace, the figure and wall panel behind were hand-painted. (above)  Project: the fabled Mere Belle, aerial on Porfolio page.  Classically detailed interiors complemented the exterior design.  See photo of grand stair in Foyer (center above top).

A perspective sketch is employed to illustrate the vast size of a Reception area in an classically styled eclectic period  palace. (below)  Preliminary sketches may be amended with optional photo-real computer aided renderings to depict the most accurate interior design treatment possible.

Living Sketch 480.tif (706760 bytes)


More interior photos of Casa Barcelona, above, here.

See sample Furniture and Accessories here

French style entry detail

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NOTE: We do not have plan books nor send copies of our floor plans unless we are under contract.  Please contact us to receive typical contract form, or set an appointment to view most of our work at our Orlando office.


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